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Sunday, December 15, 2002

I am now blogging from the not so safe environment of my rented apartment. It is a Monday, but thanks to the fact that my company is located in an overly-rated part of the state, which somehow neighbours the country's new administration hub, but somehow is not listed as part of the federal territory, my company gets Monday off in accordance to the state public holiday!

Yea! Yea! Jumps for joy!

I haven't been updating this page for sometime now, as I am too busy with work and a whole lot of other things! I've updated the Thing story a few times since, and will be continuing to do so until the end of the year. Hopefully, I will be able to finish it before the year ends. Spent Saturday night out with Kotak, and a few friends as well. Ironically, the question of the Thing came up and so I began to tell the tale which I was trying to write all this while. Twas a good night, and I had some insight on lingerie fashion thanks to a girl who sat at the table behind us. The girls were pretty excited about it and so I decided to take a peek. She was wearing what appears to be a thong that was clearly visible thanks to her hipster jeans. I definitely haven't been clubbing enough.

As the weekend passes by, I'm learning s-l-o-w-l-y how to touch-type the correct way with all ten fingers, and not four. It's painstaking as my typing speed is greatly reduced thanks to the fact that I have to use my other six fingers to type. And I'm still looking at the keyboard!!! Sigh... nothing is ever easy...

On a good note, and as a precaution in case I don't update this for another two weeks, I shall be heading back to my hometown this coming weekend! I really miss my home, and the good food that comes with it!

Things that I'm plannin to accomplish in the near future:-
1) Revamping ,my cobwebbed website. (no wonder it's called a "web"site. Backbone is done, preparing graphics)
2) Touch-typing the correct way. (It's taking me three times as long to finish typing this)
3) Colouring and drawing more stuff for my website. (Thanks to my new optical mouse, doing cg is such a bliss!)
4) Locate guitar teacher. (for obvious reasons)
5) Take formal martial arts lessons. (Running out tricks to practice)
6) Shoot and produce a short film. (anyone interested?)

Till the next blog, see you somewhen!


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