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Wednesday, July 11, 2001

Another day passes me by and I've yet to comprehend the reason to live. No matter, I'll enjoy my sad existence for now. had a rough night just now... whole bunch of practice and dancing for the CMC thinghy next month. Sheesh... my injuries turned out more than I expected... saw a rather nasty cut on my tongue, and a large blue black bump on my knee! Talk about busted kneecaps... sheesh... probably gonna bandage that up for a couple days. Arms are aching like mad... and as for my elbows... sigh... nuff said. Plus not forgetting the bruised on my cheek, OW! Does anyone know how much the ointment stings? I dunno which is worse, the bruises or the ointment I have to apply every so often... shucks! Not only that, I was feeling a bit under the weather earlier on. A pill and a nap helped I guess... must be the hazy weather nowadays... NO more open burning.... NO cremations... NO satays... NO outdoor barbeques... and worst of all... NO char koay teow...:(( shucks... [like I can eat that? sheesh...] Anyhow, the day was a productive one... and I hope I'll see better days tomorrow...jaa!


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