Random Solitary Thoughts

Tuesday, July 17, 2001

Sheesh... woke up feeling worse than before... Yes, I went back early from work... my tongue wasn't helping, and my throat was beginning to get sore. Anyway, a nap later and things were still sore... shucks... must be sicker than I thought. Celebrated Jojet, Pocs and Arai's birthday at SmartGenie. Got smeared with cake... lots of cake! And flour as well... not to mention the coke they were throwing around... and I just had my bath! Dem... plus I have to get the stains off my white t-shirt... oooo this ain't gonna be pretty. And here I am now, shivering in my cold wet t-shirt at smartgenie... hanging round for a bit before dispatching myself to the bathroom once again for another bath! Planning to sleep early tonight... unless something comes up.

Right, guess I wrote more than I intended to... time to go now... just a thought... why is it that at every birthday, I get smeared with cake? And it ain't even mine yet!!! Sheesh... go figure...

Tip of the day: Do not attempt eating potato chips with an ulcer on your tongue!


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