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Friday, July 06, 2001

Yokay, Friday is here, and I still haven't written that review yet... shucks... It has been a long week... and I'm glad the weekend's finally here! Well since I have some time now, might as well begin.
Evolution was a good show. One of the better shows I have seen in a long time. Comedies I mean. It's a combination of pure sick humor, as well as some smart cracks... disgusting jokes, and corny ones as well. Basically, it's a sci-fi story which tells of a small meteor which comes crashing down on earth [man, how many meteor/asteriod stories have we seen already?]. Anyway, it starts off with this gigantic thinghy crashing onto earth, bringing with it David Duchovny [pronounced Du-cough-nee. Finally got it right...:D] Ohmigawd!!! I just spoilt it!!! Nevermind... it brought something else... wanna know what? Go find out yerself...:P Crap... my humor is getting lame... must be too much work! Anyway, these pair of reject scientists found it and brought it back only to find interesting things about it. Anyway go see the show yourself if you haven't done so already.
Things to comment. It's a no brainer, so don't think! It's disgusting, so don't eat! It's stupid, but fun, and it's a good movie, so nuff said! Okay, okay, I know I ain't doing you guys justice with my lame review... maybe it's been too long since I saw the show, and maybe I'm still screwed from work. Whatever it is, I'll write a better one next... sorry people for bad reviews... [and a late one too...:P].
Anyway, gonna clear things up before the weekend... till next time... jaa!


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