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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Phasing out

I'm going through a phase of spiritual cleansing.


Yes, I hear you. Spiritual cleansing, to sum it up in my terms is a way of detaching from physical, emotional and material baggage. There is nothing religious about it, and there should be nothing religious about it since I'm not in any way inclined to religion in the first place.

So with one and a half weeks to go, from a total of three weeks, I find myself a nervous and often edgy wreck. Constipated, as 3sa always puts it. More so than I usually am.

I guest its my body's way of cleansing everything that shouldn't be there in the first place. Anger, angst, frustration, constipation (lots of it), regret, sadness, and many more. Negative emotions being flushed out by the torrents. Much like how the toilet bowl becomes your best friend when you go on a detox programme.

And like the shit (pun intended) that spurts out from a detox programme, I do feel significantly 'cleaner' and much much 'clearer'.

So when the stench clears, I may once again breathe the fresh air that nature intended me to breathe.


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