Random Solitary Thoughts

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

How does one kill oneself?

Isolation. Stubbornness. Arrogance. Pride. Anger. Fear. Stupidity. Emotions.

Wouldn't it be great if we could fill ourselves with all these and commit suicide? Then we'd take all these negative qualities with us. We will rid the world of another thorn in society. Imagine a world where seriously flawed people consciously remove themselves from society.

We'd have a blissful world of inspiring individuals, all aspiring to achieve world peace. No one would belittle another nor be angry when things are not accomplished. Everyone will be understanding and accommodating. We will continuously inspire each other. There will be no 'stupid' people.

But it has to start somewhere.

I'm going to begin with me. I'm removing my flawed self from society.

"The first step towards improving oneself is to acknowledge that one is flawed"
-The Sage-


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