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Friday, April 11, 2008

Dedicated to all Cholerics out there!

The Powerful Choleric personality. A strong-willed, fast-thinking snappy decision maker who is quick to anger and deems themselves always right. Has a habit of branding anyone who doesn't think as fast or make similar decisions as stupid (which is pretty much all non-cholerics).

When you meet a Choleric you'll know immediately by the way they talk and make quick decisions, and demand that their way is right even though they are obviously wrong. This is normal as the choleric somehow can't comprehend the fact that they too can make mistakes.

A typical conversation with a powerful choleric may be something along these lines.

You walk into the room and the powerful choleric approaches you with a problem, asking you to think of a solution. Before you can begin he/she starts listing down the points to ponder, out-lining the pros and cons of each possibility and before you know it, comes to a conclusion that works. He/she proclaims this as the solution and wonders why you can't think of it (the choleric probably thinks you are stupid at this point).

Meanwhile, the poor bugger who just walked into the powerful choleric doesn't quite know what hit him/her. Before he/she has a chance to even answer, the powerful choleric has taken matters into his/her own hands and delivered a decision without giving a chance for said bugger to respond. He/she probably even got labelled stupid, lame, or .

So powerful cholerics, chill a while; and give the others a chance to think and make decisions. And by a while, I meant until they come up with something and not the 10-odd seconds it took you to do so. After all, we're not all powerful cholerics.

Some parting words for the quick-to-anger choleric.

There are three ways to deal with anger. You can express it, suppress it, or forgive.
Out of the three, the only real way is to forgive.
-A monk whose name I've forgotten, but whose words I shall not-


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