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Monday, April 14, 2008

Ice cold jacuzzi

There is nothing more refreshing than a dip in an ice cold natural jacuzzi surrounded by a natural garden of flora. That pretty much sums up my trip to magickriver last sunday.

Sitting among nature, being engulfed by the enorminity of it all makes for a rather humbling experience. Coupled with an inspiring chat with Antares and a few new and existing friends from the city over a cup of Antares' infamous milk tea, the experience was definitely food for the brain. In a good organic way.

But of course, any such visit would not be complete without the impromptu percussion jamming sessions where we bounce energy and beats off each other. It must be the place. And the people. There is something magical about magickriver that somehow brings people together, answers to questions, and peace to mind.

I went home that night feeling a lot clearer, and focused. Nothing like a good dip in the water to cleanse the spirit and the mind.


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