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Tuesday, April 22, 2003

Tuesday comes and goes as soon as I sat down to type this little piece of text on some remote server somewhere in this SARS dominated world! Yes... I lead a sad existence!

Onwards to more meaningful things in life! Reasons for being absent!

1) Moved to new job! (wahey!!!)
2) Found out new job doesn't have internet connections! (what a drag!!!)
3) Moved to new house! (finally, a pad to call my own!)
4) Discovered odd working hours (we work on Saturdays) are not giving me time to apply for a phone line!
5) Finally got a telephone line with internet account.
6) Internal modem refuses to work! (what do you expect from a RM 10 product?)
7) Quick change of PCI slots solved problem of errant modem.
8) After being able to connect, experienced connection mood swings! (sometimes, I can't access blogger.com or blogspot.com sites)

Ahhh... now that I've backlogged a bit, it's time to update on the present. If only time permitted. Here I am lacking of sleep with an ulcer at the back of my throat (nothing tortures me more than the inability to enjoy food), and it's already past 12 midnight. Not a problem for me in the past, but after the recent accident 'scare' and the 'speeding ticket' scandal, I've decided to become a model citizen! At least momentarily or until the mood wears off, whichever comes first!

Anyhow, it's good to be able to blog again. Missed you guys! Till the next post, may you be well and happy! ;)


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