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Monday, April 28, 2003

It's a Monday night. Actually, Tuesday morning, 2.00 am. and I'm still awake updating my blog. Capoeira was persumed cancelled thanks to a freak storm which hit most of the Klang Valley earlier, while still miraculously maintaining the level of humidity.

And as the story goes, my brother has finally arrived and is preparing to start a whole new life of suffering, durian-polishing, shoe-kissing and girl chasing activities at a local college located very darn far from where I'm currently residing. Which is why (and probably for the best) he has decided (with the help of my 'persuassive' parents) to stayat the hostel in campus, which will inevitably result in more suffering, durian-polishing, shoe-kissing and girl chasing activities...

And that is why I ended up (after much 'persuassion' from my parents.. i.e. "Can you take leave and take your brother to campus?" says parent. "But I have work to do" says I. "Very good. Thanks. Call us after he has settled into his room" says parent.) taking a day off to ferry him a the ungodly hour of 9.00 am to his campus so that he can get a 'good' room. As if hostel rooms were any good to begin with! Bluergh!

On the bright side (there always seems to be a bright side to everything these days don't they?), he helped with the household chores (after some persuassion from me) which I shall not elaborate on, following the reaction I received from my previous post. And seeing that it's late at night and I'm sleepy, risk's are best avoided!

So to bed I go and to a day off tomorrow. To stagnant traffic and mindless people working for mindless reasons. Here's a thought. If traffic remains static long enough in KL, they might actually start fogging in between traffic lights to prevent dengue!!! Don't you just love the traffic? ;)


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