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Thursday, April 24, 2003

I stood in the corner, eyeing the table as I watch the filamen heating up. A water spray in one hand, I took a glance around, trying to remember what comes next. The light disappears, indicating that the filamen is nice and hot! Yes, let it be known... that I do my own ironing!

Housework has pretty much become a norm for me since I begun staying on my own (and by that I do not include the luxurious hostel life I lead during my Uni years, nor the brief stay at my aunt's place when I started my first job). Now that I'm living at my own place, it's become more of my responsibility to keep the place clean and tidy, seeing that there's only two of us here.

Plus, with no washing machine, I can't delay my washing until the very last minute! Not to mention the fact that my current company requires us to wear office wear, (even for designers) and that means there's ironing to be done. Nevermind the fact that I have approximately 7 shirts which I have to juggle every week! And that means laundry has to be done very often. Simple task, no? Yes, if you happen to have a washing machine (which I don't have) and by chance happened to come home all fresh and enthusiastic about doing housework, (which I don't)! Plus, I now go for regular workouts, which means even more laundry has to be done!

On the bright side, I have a connected bathroom all to myself, a big bedroom, and plenty of space to do as I please! Oh ya, not to forget the two cuddly rabbits, courtesy of my housemate, Dan.

So it has been that on nights like these, when I get to come home early from work, and have no classes to attend, that I could finally sit down and do proper housework! Boy, I can't wait to see what life with kids around would be like! In the meantime, I'll start shopping around for a nice washing machine!


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