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Sunday, April 20, 2003

It's been so long since I last updated my blog, and seeing so many of you still paying an occasional visit really touches me! (sheds tears of joy) Now a quick recap before I hit the sack!

Went back to Penang for the weekend. Tried to meet up with Aewis but time didn't allow it. Had a good birthday lunch for my Dad, (I paid the bill) then went straight back to KL. Tiring journey as it is, I shall end this as quickly as I can and get some well deserved rest. Perhaps I shall blog more when time permits. There's a lot I need to fill in thanks to my absence on the web.

And before I forget, something amusing happened on my way back. There was an accident. (Not me this time.... XP) ( And no, no one was hurt... don't want you people thinking I'm a saddist for finding accidents amusing!) A lorry carrying a load of ducks overturned on the highway. The result? One squashed up lorry, cages of ducks lying all over the places, and some renegade ducks waddling all over the north-south highway! Truly a sight to behold!

Oh, before I forget, I got a speeding ticket for, (obviously...) speeding! This is definitely NOT my month! XP

Till next we blog again! :)


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