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Tuesday, February 05, 2002

I just wasted about twenty minutes of my life writing a long e-mail on yahoo... and when I sent it.. yahoo gave me a login-expired thinghy and there goes my e-mail. My faith in yahoo is declining... and icq keeps disconnecting me... but I don't blame them... I only blame the lousy internet connection in campus however free it is... I blame the country's lack of attention to the internet services provided... I curse telekom for not upgrading their lines and taking more users than it can handle... I condemn telekom for charging such outrageous prices for services which is not up to par with our local postal service [which in itself is bad enough...] And last but not least, I critise the local servers for providing slow connections, making the local sites even slower to download than international sites...

I am full of anger, I am full of hate, I am full of coke and I am high coz I am overworked. I spit bile with my words, I consume the peace surrounding me, I burn my enemies with words of spite. I strum my guitar and rage follows, I click on my mouse and my minions burn my foes to the ground. I type on my keyboard and my units follow my every bidding. I sent my units to capture fortresses and they came back burnt and barely alive. Again, I sent more recons and they came back dead. Then I called upon my champion and he smote my foes with such force that he struck terror into their hearts and burn malice into their faces as they retreat with their tails between their legs. But I was not appeased... for I had lost a lot... so I sent him forth to do battle... to hunt them down... to cleanse the land of their filth and strike them to the ground with armargeddon and fire from the heavens. And when the ashes fall into the dusk... I shall save my game and pray that I do NOT accidently open the stoopid program again...

-taken from the memoirs of a reluctant gamer-


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