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Friday, February 15, 2002

Back in campus... guess I've been missing a lot of what's going on... but then again... I always have... Back to campus... back to work... no more breaks till the end of the semester. Time flies. There's nothing to say to that. The year grows shorter, and so does everything else. The bout of depression is creeping up again. Now, I'm really sure it's this place that's causing it. Another sleepless night working through the hours. Tomorrow is a new day to embrace. Yet to what extent are you willing to embrace it? And what's with the fanaticism with boybands and whatnot's that appear on screen? I can't comprehend. Spending a whole week with Westlife ain't my idea of fun... now I'm glad to be among my kaleidoscope of mixed rocks songs and bits of slapsick parodies where no sappy songs can be found. Yes... valentine's day may linger yet... but love songs need not be sappy. Westlife can go kiss my @$$!!! Long live the world of unsappy love songs!!!

On a very interesting note... I received a yellow 'patrick'... woof woof... so CUTE!!! [HAHAHAHA yesh... I have gone sappy thanks to a week's worth of Westlife!!! May they rot in their sappy albums!!! Bluergh!!!] Many thanks to the giver of the yellow 'patrick'!!! You're just as cute!!! [BLUERGH!!! XP dem... what's the matter with me... ]


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