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Sunday, February 09, 2003

(continued from previous post)

The Sixth day of the Week of the Red-Eyed Three Frog of the month os the Slug, of the year of the Goat...

The desert is killing me. Already, I've lost interest in writing down boring snippets of my life on a journal that doesn't even talk back! Aliza was slain a coupl days ago while fighting in the desert. Everything is so mundane! I feel so mundane! Plus, I've lost my way and I dunno how to get back! I ran out of scrolls of Town Portal and I can't summon my way back! I'll probably die and no one will ever know and I can bitch all I want about my life and how mundane it is and in the near future some lousy adventurer is gonna drop by and find my bones and loots my items and no one will ever remember there was ever an amazon named ... (editor's note: name was not filled in and splotches of blood are seen on this last and final entry of the journal)

The journal ends here.


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