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Sunday, January 12, 2003

I have no doubt about it! My apartment must be haunted! First signs of haunting began yesterday afternoon, just before I went out to do my CNY shopping with Kotak and Dan. It all began with some loud sounds. I thought it was the TV, because it sounded like it, so I left it at that, thinking that one of my housemates must be watching TV. But when I was on my way out, I realised that the TV was on! And the fan was spinning furiously! But... there was no one sitting there! :o No one... not a soul... The living room was empty! Heck, the whole apartment was empty! Someone.... or something that I couldn't see... was watching TV!!!

Needless to say, I ran out of the place, but just before I had turned everything off. Call it economical or whatever you want, but even if something wants to watch TV, my logical sense still told me it was a waste of electricity.

Coming back from my day of shopping, I saw the fan, once again, spinning furiously in the living area, with no visible person/persons in sight. This nonetheless freaked me out! And to add to the horror, I saw flies scrambling around the place, as if some infestation had taken place in the apartments! But thankfully the TV wasn't on... so it helped a bit... I turned off the fan and proceeded to prepare myself for bed.

This morning however, I was greeted with the ultimate horror! The lights and the fan was on! Almost all the lights in the apartment was on, and the fan was spinning furiously in the living room! What madness was this? And as before, no one was seen in the vicinity! I am so seriously scared shitless of this place! And as if it wasn't bad enough, a bad smell caught my attention. I'm not sure what it was, but seeing everything go out of control, I remember more than one occasion where I smelled this stench! This is really getting bad...


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