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Wednesday, January 15, 2003

The past couple of days saw me nursing my aching body, thanks to a vigorous wushu workout on Tuesday night. Wednesday saw me cruising through work, with nothing much happening in between. On the other hand, my resident poltergeist has not been acting up lately. Maybe it's the presence of my housemates... or maybe it just grew some sense of responsibility.

Speaking of which, I would like to take this opportunity to elaborate a bit on my style of writing, or speaking if you will. I notice recently that some of you do take what I write rather seriously. I thank you for that. But in spite of that, I feel downright terrible, because what I write isn't always the truth. More of a parody of an actual event, or an exaggeration in some cases. This, I do to make reading about everyday mundane lives more interesting. Sometimes, and most times, I feel bad in misleading people because of the way I write. So I guess this is to make sure no one gets freaked out by the events I write here. (A good example is my 'poltergeist' issue, which is far from supernatural)

I tend to play up certain things in writing, and make fun of some things. Most of the time, my stories do not hold real basis, but provides an underlining message everytime. This I noticed, has been noticed by some. And for that, I thank you once again. I can be really sarcastic, or really straight-forward in my style of writing. And I apologize for confusing some of you because of that.

Okay, confession done with, let me proceed to my next topic. Clarifying the 'poltergeist' issue. First off, I would like to apologize to those of you who really thought I had a 'poltergeist' living with me. Truth is, there isn't. The story is basically a very sarcastic way of trying to get my point across. Also, I'm very intrigue with the supernatural, so if you guys out there have any cool experiences, please do tell!

Secondly, my 'poltergeist' does all sorts of funny things which people don't usually do. Yes, the events that happen are true, although it still puzzles me why he/them/it does it. Having no rational explanation for the events that happen, I classified them as 'supernatural' or, in other words, beyond 'normal' human behavior.

Thirdly, and possibly lastly, the events that I mention here, can sometimes, and most times drive someone up the wall. By relating it in an offhand, story-telling method, I can safely advert my disappointment at some unknowing being without hurting anyone in the process, and by some amount of luck, hope that the person/persons might get it.

Having said all that, I shall return to my desk, and continue working on mundane projects... with the hope that someday... I might hit success and own everything I've always wanted to own... which is ultimately... happiness! Cheers! And thanks for reading! ;)


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