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Saturday, January 11, 2003

The apartment is clean! The apartment is clean! Yeah right... and the earth is flat, and the moon is made out of cheese! But lo and behold, the apartment is... (miraculously) CLEAN! Thanks to a little spring cleaning early Saturday! And now, on this cozy Sunday morning, here I am updating my blog with the knowledge that I can finally walk with my feet on the ground instead of tip-toeing around the place... at least for a few days...

Well, haven't been updating this blog in a few days, so let me backlog a bit.

Thursday! And what a day it is! Spent my usual mundane day at work, but afterwards, met a friend for a sparring session on the rooftop parking area. Had a good spar... something I haven't had in a long while! He was quite good, with good reflexes, but I noticed that I had grown sluggish over the lack of training! Now, it's time to beef up again! Joy is me!

After that sparring session, had dinner at the mamak downstairs, when a friend called me up to attend a meeting for a dance group he was forming with some friends of his. The ice-breaking session turned out to be a "breaking" session! And everyone went home happy, agreeing to meet the next week to discuss further plans! Tiring but fun! Two workouts in one day!

Friday! Considering I haven't sparred or "break-ed" in a while, it's no surprise that I woke up aching! But Friday as Friday is, there's no complain as I await the weekend. Went home early in anticipation of a movie session with Kotak, but she called to say she can't make it. Ah well, decided to play MK-DA on my housemate's PS 2 when my supervisor called. His car had run out of petrol!

So there I was driving to the petrol station to get him some fuel! No complains there, had a great dinner at Indiana Steak house in South City, in Seri Kembangan! Had chicken with cheese coated on top! Courtesy of my supervisor of course! Nice...

Saturday! Yesh! Woke up to the sounds of music blasting away mindlessly! Yes! My housemates have started spring cleaning! I freshened up, and headed out to collect my offer letter, waving good bye to them and wishing them happy cleaning! I'm siting this one out! Whahahha!!!

Collected offer letter! Yes! I can finally resign in peace now! Went back to help out with the rest of the spring cleaning! Spent the rest of the day resting and relaxing before meeting Dan for supper at the hawker stalls near Tesco! Came back and slept like a log! (Is there any other way to sleep? XP)

What a weekend it has been... and I've got no complains so far... ;)


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