Random Solitary Thoughts

Tuesday, January 21, 2003

It was hunger which drew the lone adventurer towards the scent of three-weeks old bread. The hunger pangs gripped him like an icy vise, slowly draining his remaining strength as he struggled on his belly in hope of one last chance at survival. He touches the crust of the maggoty bread... only to have it taken away from him by a nearby meerkat. He watches as the meerkat nibbles on the maggots. He stares as the animal throws down the bread after finishing off the maggots. He lays there, unable to move. Soon flies crowd round him. And within hours the smell of decay fills the air around him. Such is the irony of life.

Ever so often, things like that happen. We strive for something, only to see others take it away, and waste it! Sometimes we want somethings so bad, we envy those who have them. And more often than none, we see these people chucking them aside after they finish 'playing with them. And then we think. Would we have done the same?

While we ponder this question, I will be grateful for what I already have... and as for the things I don't have? I guess they will have to wait till I'm done 'playing' with my current stock!


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