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Wednesday, January 08, 2003

Thursday thursday, what a day and it has hardly even begun! Well, excuse my mindless words, for I feel good this Thursday. For a start, my sore-throat is finally cured!!! (woohoo) And my cough is getting better! ( woohoo) And my flu is subsiding! (woohoo again!) And I just realised I'm way ahead in my work! (woohoo yet again!) And best of all, tomorrow is Friday!!! (woohooo.... okay, this is getting repetitive!)

Nothing much happened yesterday to dampen my spirits! Finished my project with only minor changes. Glad the client liked it. Had a good workout in the evening. Haven't worked out in a while so it was refreshing! My fitness level has dropped tho, so I will have to put in more effort to regain my former glory! After that, had a short Mortal Kombat session on Jeff's PS2! I love the game, not so much for the violence, but for the different fighting styles incorporated in the game! Truly an amazing showcase of martial arts styles!

So people, any plans for a makan this weekend? Let's have a pre-CNY makan! Hopefully at nandos... XP What say you? ;)


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