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Wednesday, January 01, 2003

A new year... a new beginning... a new start... a new life...

Oh yes, 2002 has gone... and once again time has bested us. It is now 2003, and the air of the new year is fresh. Spent new year's day playing Pokemon with Kotak's brother. I'm getting better at the game, thanks to practice!

The style of playing the game is similar ot Magic:The Gathering, but the concept is different. Instead of building an army to destroy, annihilate, and mutilate your opponent, the object of the Pokemon card game, is to keep your creatures (pokemon) alive, while knocking out (notice the non-violent terminology here? XP) your opponents pokemon. Thia approach requires more micro-management compared to magic, as your creatures are limited, and you lose the game if at least six of your creatures get knocked out. Unlike magic, where you can sacrifice tens of creatures just to save your own @$$! XP I like this new concept...XD

Well, it was a short lived break, and now I'm back at the office, battling deadlines and hunger pangs... but hark... the lunchbell approaches... >:)


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