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Monday, January 06, 2003

Whahahaha!!! I am back after a short absence! And the reason is... work work work and more work! Oh ya, the fact that I was sick, (still am) helped a little. The past few days has been a flurry of activities. Let me attempt to recap some of them.

Thursday. Back to work. Felt pretty okay, considering there's only two working days left before the weekend. Went out for dinner with Kotak, Dan, and Aewis at the Summit in USJ. Sore-throat was beginning to act up, but for the sake of not troubling friends, I did not mention anything of my suffering, but continued to 'enjoy' my tomyam soup.

Friday. Had to go meet a client in Subang. Decided to have lunch with Kotak. Sore-throat getting worse... but no matter, I shall survive. Had a good lunch before going back to my office to slug the rest of the day off with work. Went off at 8, and had dinner at the mamak below my apartments. Sore-throat was terrbile by now, so I only had a tosai. Not much appetite. Bumped into Booya and Jeff. Neither one saw me, and even after futile attempts to tell them my location, I proceeded to finish my food and walk over to their table. Played Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance before hitting the sack!!!

Saturday. Woke up fresh and early for a game of basketball. Throat felt a little better, but I knew it was because I just woke up. Had a great game alone, before returning home to play another round of MK. Had a simple lunch of cheese bread (courtesy of Kotak) before hitting the sack again. Woke up fresh and went to pick up Kotak to go for a friend's open house. Throat was a little okay, but still hurt. Had nice lontong, and mee sup and mee with spagetti sauce at the open house. Pretty good food. Left with full stomach and hurting throat from eating too much chilli.

Sunday. Woke up early for a wushu integration thinghy at the MMU campus. Throat felt really bad, but since I promised, I had to attend. The whole morning session was fun, IF I only knew mandarin, and IF my throat wasn't hurting so much! Lunch was stale, but what do you expect of any food in CyberlalaLand? Left before the best part of the evening, because I promised Kotak I'd go shopping with her and a friend. Throat was feeling really bad and my nose was running faster than I can run. Went back to find housemate using toilet. Had no time to shower nor the time to wait for him to finish. Luckily, I wasn't sweaty and I didn't really stink, so I quickly hopped into the other bathroom (the one shared by my other two housemates) and freshened up a bit before rushing out to pick up Kotak!

Was having a headache, throat was hurting, nose was running, joints were aching, but didn't really want to break a promise, so I endured 3 straight hours of shopping. Life is bliss. Was treated later to dinner at Kotak's house. Went back and slept. Throat was still hurting, but the lozenges Kotak gave me soothe the pain enough for me to get some decent rest...

Monday. Felt sickly in the morning. Deciding between calling up sick, or going to work. Work won... how sad... Throat was feeling slightly better... work was doing fine. I shall reward myself with some solid food tonight. Not fried of course... Ahhh... another day, and my throat shall be ready for nandos.... ;)


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