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Sunday, November 30, 2003

I have been very busy.. and my un-updated blog is testament to that fact. Already, I slept at 5.00 am on Saturday, only to get up two hours later to go to work. And now, as I'm writing this, I'm just finishing up some work with only about 4 hours of sleep before I wake up for work tomorrow.

But even though the work may be taxing, it's good to know that you're appreciated and my vacation date is just after the deadline. Perfect timing...

Anyhow, since I've lost track of day and night, and I can't really say last night, because that would be just a couple of hours ago, and it was supposed to be on Saturday, and yesterday was Sunday, and to make things short, it was on Saturday night that my PC power supply konked.

Panic gripped mild-mannered Kalamari like a tentacle of the legendary kraken! What can he do? He is just an ordinary mild-mannered executive trying to meet a deadline and working hard to feed his current family which consists of himself and a dog.

"Fear not!" A voice resounded in the same room. And lo and behold, Multipurpose Man has arrived!!! "M..m...m..mu...mul... Multipurpose Man!!!" screamed mild-mannered Kalamari as Multipurpose Man stands there in a supposing heroic, but somewhat 'cacat' looking pose.

"H.. how can it be? I thought you died back in 1961?" said the shocked Kalamari. "Muahahahaha!!! You have been deceived, ignorant human! For I am Multipurpose Man! I appear whenever someone is in need of some Multipurpose Task and is somehow too retarded to do it him or herself! In other words... I LIIIIIIVE!!!! Muahahaha!!!"

Kalamari could only cower in fear of this Madman.

So with a wave of his hand, Multipurpose Man brought Kalamari's PC to the shop and had the power supply tested and replaced and even upgraded the graphics card! After that, he efficiently brought it back and was in time for lunch! But, not before he slapped Kalamari with a big fat bill for the service.

Suddenly, Kalamari wakes up and realises that he's late for work! "Ahhhh shucks... I HATE Mondays... sigh... "


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