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Tuesday, November 11, 2003

A sedated blog by Kalamari the sedated

Tis a cold Tuesday morning, and I'm feeling extremely sedated knowing that I have to work tomorrow (which is in fact a public holiday) with no extra pay or perks. I am so tempted to take an MC so I can stay home and sleep late like everybody else.

I guess it's inevitable that I leave the company the moment it's convenient. Who wants to work in a company where they don't give you your public holidays?

The silly HR manager always says the labour law says this, the labour law says that. The labour law says only 10 public holidays allowed per year. Yeah right, like anyone is gonna complain to the labour department that we are forced to stay home during public holidays! To heck with them all!

My dog puked last night. I think it might have been the medication he took prior to his vaccination. Maybe he doesn't like it.

Played Futsal last night and had a blast! Would definitely be going back there on Thursday. Skinned my calves a bit but nothing will keep me away from football! I can already see this as a regular pastime activity.

It's afternoon now at the office, and I'm sleepy thanks to the heavy lunch and the rainy weather and the mundane working conditions here. I can feel a sore throat creeping up on me. Hopefully it comes tomorrow so that I don't have to work on a public holiday and I can sleep late, and when I wake up I hope it goes away so I can enjoy some decent food on a public holiday instead of the indecent food I have to eat if I don't bring my own lunch.

I know I am not making much sense out of all this but what can a guy do when he's bored and sleepy and waiting for the work to render and not being able to sleep and all? At least all this
writing is keeping me awake and helping me type better although I don't think it makes too much difference because the keyboard here is crappy and the space bar doesn't work too well.

And so it came to be that my skinned calf is sizzling and for a moment I regret playing football without football socks and I remind myself to buy a pair, but then I think of the cost and I tell myself I don't really need football socks and injuries like these happen only once in a while, and I'll probably regret it the next time it happens...

My ex-colleague just came in to say hi! She's so much happier now that she's not working here anymore. Well, maybe it's because she's not working at all, but she is considerably happier and that's the point.

Now it's almost time to go, and I'm itching to get out of here and back home where I can see my dog and hope that he isn't puking all over the place like last night. Then I'll have to weed the garden so that my grass can grow in peace and then work on some 3d textures late into the night.

I need a life...

To all of you who have tomorrow off thanks to the public holiday, enjoy it well knowing that I have to work on a perfectly good public holiday because my bosses are sadists and should be shot! I hate my bosses...


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