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Thursday, November 06, 2003

Another blog by Kalamari the Bored

This is another blog entry. I find that nowadays, thanks to the ultimately mundane (mundane... I like this word...) environment in my office that's fit for the undead, writing a nonsensical blog filled with misadventures of the boring kind will definitely help me pass the time in this timeless mundane place they call an office.

Having NO internet connection here doesn't help as well, as it only seeks to aggravate the already dull situation here. Still, I'm thankful for R & D day on saturday, because it means we have online connection and can surf and work at the same time. All company's should have R & D day. It's almost a sin not to have it.

My brother flared up with some allergy on Sunday. He said it was because of the KFC he ate on Saturday. Must be all those chemicals and stuff they inject into the chickens... followed by more chemicals and MSG before they fry them in two-week old oil.

He looked like a walking wart, what with his etopic eczema being the way it is. He tought it would go away in a day or two but when he came to see me yesterday, he still looked like a walking wart.

So I took him to a clinic and he had a jab and all was well and when we got back he played Warcraft 3 and watched me kill Porings. So let this be a lesson to all... avoid KFC at all costs... or become the next walking wart!

Earlier today I had to go down town to deliver some documents. Arrived around noon and by 12.30, I had finished my task. So I took a walk to a coffee shop within the Central Market area and had beef noodles. Yummy.. (no offense to all Muslims reading this...) Then I was so stuffed of koay teow and beehoon and beef that I missed a turning and had to encircle the town once more to get back on the highway to my office.

Now it's almost time to go and I'm not so stuffed with koay teow and beehoon and beef anymore. I have to rush to a meeting and hopefully things go well because if they don't, then I'm gonna be pissed and you wouldn't like me when I'm angry. Plus, I might just beat the crap outta my dog, but that isn't possible because Kalamari the Ill-tempered is no longer with us and has gone to heck.

So anyway with the last few minutes remaining and Jewel singing 'You were meant for me' through my headphones here I am typing away on this blog when I should be doing work. Ah well... you win some, you lose some... See y'all tomorrow... tonight, I kill Porings!


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