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Thursday, November 20, 2003

This is a angst-driven blog... by Kalamari the Angsty

This blog is filled with angst. I am filled with angst. Angst is driving me insane.

Working with certain people can be a pain. Some people are just plain cocky. No, I don't mind if you chat while you work. I don't even mind if you chat and don't work. But when you deliver sub-standard work and can't meet deadlines and work slower than a snail trying to get to Timbucktoo by crawling, it's totally unprofessional and you should be shot!

Know your place and worth before you act like a know-all expert. So it's fine if you go back every 5.15 pm sharp. It's okay if you take excessively long breaks or aren't totally dedicated to your job. It's fine if you want to take a nap in between. But when you can't deliver for nuts and put the whole project in jeopardy, you can go kiss my @$$ and go to heck!!!

No, forget the 'kiss my @$$' part. I don't want your germs or your infectious lack of professionalism to rub off on me. Yes, so what if I do take the occasional N.O.T.? So what if I go back every 5.15 pm sharp? So what if I chat while I work? I can, because I CAN deliver! I work fast, and hard, and I produce work up to the expected standards and more! I meet deadlines, and I don't talk back to my superiors!!!

So look at the different levels of professionalism and KNOW your place!

Okay, sorry for all that angst. I just need to release some steam. Work getting to me... deadlines, deadlines... and I'm listening to angsty Linkin Park right now... shucks... Angst is the word of the day... not mundane... Mundane is nothing like angst. Mundane is mundane, angst is angst. Never the two shall meet...

I have now officially calmed down, and shall proceed to enjoy a night of Futsal. Who wants to play?


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