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Friday, November 14, 2003

This is a Kalamari Blog Exclusive... by Kalamari the Motivated

I didn't manage to update my blog yesterday. I was so engrossed in work that I totally forgot to write one until it was time to go and even then, all I could think about was work.

It has finally happened! After so long, I never thought it was possible, but it has happened! I am motivated to work! NoooOOooOoOoooo!!! The terror! The horror! The sin!

It's all the fault of that funky new project! It was so interesting, that it kept me preoccupied for most of my working hours and my nap times as well. I am proud, though a bit sad to admit that I haven't had an N.O.T.(Nap Of Termination) in the afternoons since I began work on this new project.

Anyway, today I woke up just in time to hear it thundering and lightning-ing outside my window. My first thoughts were 'Great! How am I going to work in the storm?' Then, I thought, 'Great! Let me stay in bed and enjoy the weather!' And I did just that!

I took a couple of hours of 'flexi hour' and enjoyed a glorious time in the cozy comfort of my bed amidst the rainy weather outside. For those of you who are not sure what I am talking about, let me explain in plain morbid detail.

My company has a policy. It is called the Flexi Hour policy. But unlike other companies whose Flexi hours are really Flexi, my company places a few... er.. let's say, limitations. First off, we cannot take more than two hours at a time. Secondly, if we were to take Flexi hours, we have to repay it the day itself or the following days, which is standard procedure. Now here comes the best part. We can only take a two hour(max) Flexi hour/hours ONCE a month! Kinda defeats the purpose doesn't it?

So we have to plan everything that we need to do, to be done in the space of two hours, inclusive of travelling time, so that we can do them during our ONcE a month Flexi hour/hours.

Seeing that I already used up mine to sleep in on a perfectly cozy karma-given morning, I have to resort to paying others to do my banking and other numerous chores that I can't do because I have to get to work on time and I can only take two hours (which I have to repay back anyway) once a month to do them. So who wants to do a blood test for me?

Anyway, I didn't have time to write more long-winded stuff before I go home so here's where I end this blog. Oh, by the way, I ended up having a short N.O.T. when my boss wasn't around.. sigh... there goes the record... old habits are hard to lose...


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