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Tuesday, November 11, 2003

A constipated blog by Kalamari the Critical

It has been a weekend of fun and destressing and the results have shown. Today, I was miraculously productive. Not only that, I was hardly sleepy, and managed to do quite a bit of work as well.

But as of now, I'm beginning to feel a bit monotonous in this mundane environment, and therefore I shall alleviate my boredom by happily typing out this blog.

The weekend was nice. Spent Saturday going to a casting agency with Kotak, Booya, and a friend to get our pictures taken. Then, onwards to Mid Valley for buka puasa and to watch the much anticipated Matrix Revolutions.

Movie was thoroughly disappointing, although that was much anticipated. Too much special effects spoilt the whole thing although I could say the same for the overly cliched script. The only highlight (no spoilers ahead since everybody knows that the good guys always wins in the end) in the whole movie was the battle for Zion. Now, THAT was good...the rest was what I would call 'kelefeh'!

Overall I applaud the team which animated and brought to life the battle of Zion. For the rest (and that goes for Mr. 'Wooden' Reeves), I feel they either need more work, or they have been working too hard. Enough is enough. When the same stuff is being repeated for a total of 5 hours, it gets downright boring and mundane!

To all matrix fans out there, sorry if I offended you people. I definitely feel they could have achieved so much more with what they had. Maybe some cool ideas won't get mutilated by overzealous producers in the future.

Onwards to Sunday, and I had a great game of badminton followed by indian food for lunch. Went back and killed Porings before bathing the dog and doing other numerous chores followed by dinner at a nearby mamak complimented by a good football match between Liverpool and Mancester United.

A perfectly nice ending to a great weekend. Next weekend, I shall do something similar... But for today, Futsal awaits and I hope I remain productive tomorrow... peace!

P.S. You'll probably be wondering why I updated this only today... the reason? Either blogger was down, or for some weird reason which doesn't seem too weird in this part of the world, I can't access blogger on Monday night.


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