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Friday, November 07, 2003

This is a Kalamari blogspot exclusive... by Kalamari the Lethargic

Today is Friday. I am not ecstatic. I'm not thrilled. No doubt the weekend is coming but that doesn't make much of a difference because I still have to work on Saturday and a whole bunch of chores to finish on Sunday. I need to get a life or quit this crappy job.

But time and time again I tell myself, hang on... next year, five day week, next year, five day week...

Still, the stress of working on freelance projects is getting to me. No doubt I'll get some extra moolah, but at the expense of my youth?!? I dunno.

Woke up feeling extra tired and letharghic today. Still, I dragged myself outta bed and went to work looking like a panda. Not that I wanted to, but I had to, and I hate going to see a doctor to get an MC.

So it was a game of qwertysis and 'catch me sleeping if you can' with my boss the whole day. Of course it helped that I took whatever breaks I had to sleep.

Now it's raining cats and dogs, and I wonder why the English called it cats and dogs when it could have well been kittens and mice, or grasshoppers and toads, or sambal and ikan bilis. Anyway, it's raining cats and dogs, and I could almost see cats and dogs falling down from the roof if only the blinds weren't in the way...

Now I'm not so sleepy. It must be the anticipation of going home that has given me a sudden boost of energy. I have concluded that I shall take no more freelance work even though my pay is measly and I have no way of surviving with what they pay me but I can't put my health in jeopardy.

Tonight, I shall rest and hope I won't wake up feeling like someone puked on me the night before... but only after I kill Porings...


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