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Wednesday, November 12, 2003

A tragic blog... by Kalamari the Frustrated

Tis a tragic day today. Today is a public holiday... and I'm sitting here in my office typing this blog. This is so sad and tragic. I hope no one has to share my fate...

I finished reading 'Angela's Ashes' last night. Tis a good book... tis tis... Now I have to read 'Tis', the sequel to the first.

It was interesting reading about how the author suffered throughout his youth. Some parts can make you cry, and some can make you laugh. At times I even caught myself reminiscing my youth and how things turned out, and at times I'm glad I have a good family.

The book opened a new window for me. I saw the world in a different light. I forgive petty thieves for their sins, but only after I beat them up... I understand why some people are so bitter, and I feel sorry for people without manners, and I sympatize with those who do not know how to smile for they do not know the value of one.

I realised how lucky I was and how lucky I am to have a crappy job in a crappy environment in a crappy place in the middle of nowhere with nothing to eat and no internet connection because some people don't even have jobs and have nothing to eat at all when they go home and I should be grateful that I don't drink my salary and actually have enough to survive at the lowest level of survival.

Well... maybe I will bathe in the temporary enlightenment until some ridiculous event disappoints me and I start thinking and feeling like the unluckiest guy alive and I have to read the book again to get over it. I think I shall keep the book nearby for some 'chicken soup' for my soul.

Crap... crap crap crap... in my hurry to finish my work and get out of here, I saved my rendered draft as another file and I've been making adjustments based on the previous file and when I lst checked I over-animated the sequence! Crap! Now I have to make changes again... sigh... maybe I'll wait until the voice-overs arrive first...

Well, looks like I was too caught up with work to continue writing this... so I'll leave it till tomorrow to rant and pass my time when I'm too bored to work! Till then...


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