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Wednesday, November 05, 2003

A blog by Kalamari the Bad-Tempered

Tis been many weeks and countless days since I last wrote a proper entry here. I have been busy... too busy... I have been stressed... too stressed... I have been losing my temper... way too much...

The past few weeks was a kaleidoscope of emotions, ranging from the estatic to the downright down! At times I just feel like beating up everyone in sight, but at times, I just can't stop smiling... I must be going insane.

And to make matters worse... the poor soul who has to bear the brunt of my insanity is my poor dog. Yes, everytime I had a particularly depressing and disappointing day at the office, my poor dog will definitely get a scolding that is out of this earth!

It will always start with my coming home from the office and finding that my poor bored-to-death-dog has been up to something to amuse himself. And he will always greet me with pure ignorance and the simple joy of seeing his master arrive home.

And thanks to my inability to control my temper... I will grab him and proceed to beat the crap out of him for either chewing the garden, chewing the clothes peg tupperware, chewing the broom, chewing numerous other unidentified objects or all of the above. I usually snap after seeing the chewed up garden as it contains sentimental value.

I feel sorry for taking out all my frustrations out on him. I really do... Being an inquisitive puppy, all he wants is to entertain himself when he's bored. And seeing that no one is at home most of the time, he has nothing to do except to play with whatever he can find!

And it doesn't help that I beat him up all the time because dogs have short term memory and he probably doesn't know why I'm beating him up because he doesn't remember or realise what he has done wrong! And he's too young to even know right from wrong!!! So in conclusion, all this 'training' and beating up does nothing for him except to make him a bitter and unhappy puppy.

Yes, I know I'm wrong, and I am going to remedy it. Today, will officially be my last blog entry as I won't be in this world anymore. Good bye to all. If anyone wants to have my puppy, please contact Dan. If no one wants to take him, then I shall take him with me. At least I'll have someone to chew on my slippers in heck!

See ya people... it's been nice knowing y'all!


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