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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Of simple things that made a difference...

I made a friend a week ago. It all started with a simple car wash. The dude offered to remove stains and residue left over by my negligence due to the rainy weather (before the haze came) recently. Since it was a new car, I was eager to preserve the coat of paint. So I relented and said okay.

After work, I collected my car, and I noticed he did a good job. He took me around the car and showed me the places he 'cleaned' up. He was pretty honest about his work. That much, I could see.

Two days later, I brought my brother's (he went back to Penang and left his car in my care) car to him. The car was a disaster. It had all manners of scratches and dirt and stains all over it. It was a mess. And the interior smelt bad. Really bad. I almost felt guilty leaving the car in his hands. Imagine the torture he must have gone through.

But prevail he did. When I returned to collect the car, it was bright dark red. The colour was a matte rusty red before the wash/polish. And the interior smelt good. I was impressed. He even cleaned out the engine bay and vacuumed the entire car including the boot. He also neatly arranged my brother's belongings/rubbish in proper piles and plastic bags.

And he refused to charge me for the wash and the engine cleaning. RM 80 for just the polish and wax. I gave him RM 100 and told him to keep the change.

Today I sent my car for another wash because the haze made it dirty. My friend was waiting there with a smile.


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