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Sunday, October 08, 2006

The 'Fu' Analogy

A few months ago on a rather dark but not stormy nor rainy night, I had a good chat with an old friend of mine. I was having a tough time with regards to certain aspects of my life which I shall not go into detail here for fear that people who might have a chance to influence my later life will be reading this blog. And if you are one of those people, I suggest you don't use this blog as a reason to make my life miserable. Otherwise you will be cursed with seven years of bad nose hair. IT WILL HAPPEN!!!

So we chatted and he laid down examples using martial arts since I do have a love for the arts (of the martial kind) and have been an avid practitioner. To sum it all up, it made perfect sense! It also gave a good insight to the person that I was, that I am. And that deep inside, somethings don't really change, only momentarily suppressed.

Armed with this knowledge, I did only what I could at the time. I practiced the philosophy which I had held onto for so long. And I survived. And just a moment ago, I read a book, and a passage came into light. A phrase. And it made me think of the words he said to me and how I reacted towards them. How I used that knowledge to turn things around.

To the dude who gave me the 'Fu' analogy (you know who you are), this is to let you know that I didn't let things get me down. I fought back the way I always have before. I got up when I fell, even when I've had really nasty ones (you remember the really nasty one don't you?). And I'm back on my feet again.

So where're them punching mitts? We need to get at them old one-twos. And three, and fours... and that little counter attack on the five...

Thanks, dude!


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