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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

When things turn sour...

Have a little fun! This may be one of many mindless posts to come thanks to my new toy (read previous post), and may sound rather chirpy to be me writing it, but nonetheless, those who know me well know that my writing does reflect on my mood. Sorta like a writing PMS. I know, the analogy sucks. But it's stays; coz it's crude, original and it's mine. So bugger off the patents already.

So there I was missing many opportunities to camwhore for the sake of it thanks to my rather concious need to NOT fall into that trap. Already I missed the super long kiasu/kiasi queue at ISETAN on the members only pre-sale. Not to mention a few occasions when it may seem interesting to digitize the embarassing moments of a few friends. As well as the mandatory 'what-I-had-for-' that all professional or budding camwhorers live by.

And as fate has it, the opportunity came in the form of this!

That's sour skittles (tho for the life of me I do not understand how people can take an interest in torturing themselves silly. Must be some drinking game without the drinks) for your information.

Anyway, while I was on the phone, my good friend decided to try to prank me by giving me a bunch of them. I knew better. But not much better. I decided to take them anyway just to get a 'kick' out of doing something silly. I succeeded. Big time.

And it stung! And I snapped. Or rather. I got my friend to snap. And when the sourness wore off, the sweet fruity taste of a handful of skittles flooded my mouth in an ironic symbolic form of a reward for my stupidity. Or some would argue, my persistance for the extreme. Which does in essence reflect the little bumps we face on the unmaintained roads in life.

And as a bonus, high on sour!

I look so stoned...


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