Random Solitary Thoughts

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

It was a dark and stormy afternoon...

It was a dark and stormy afternoon... and I was drowsy from the lack of a substantial amount of coffee. That, coupled with the internet being down, finally did the job and struck me down like a catepillar which just ate some DDT laced greens.

So I peeled myself off my seat and headed for the couch to take a power nap. And I found I couldn't wake up...

I was in a dream where I find myself waking up only to realise that I'm still asleep. And I kept doing that numerous times. I even felt on a few occasions the presence of someone towering over me while I struggled to open my eyes into conciousness.

After a while, which felt like an eternity, I found myself finally embracing the surface of wakefulness. And as I climb out of the darkness of sleep, I wondered wtf that was all about...

My office is haunted!!! (Jeng jeng jeng!!! *corny thriller-esque music)


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