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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Do not bite the hand that feeds you

The above saying has probably been used more often than not. Especially to those freshies who are entering the work-force. It can however backfire. Confused? Allow me to illustrate...

There was once this company. Who hired plenty of talented young fresh individuals who would work for next to nuts. Sometimes for no nuts. The company of course like any other respectable company would exploit the freshies and take advantage of them. Eventually the freshies got tired and voiced out their opinion. Big mistake.

They had broken the traditional rule of biting the hand that feeds them. So they paid by being laid off.

So the company hired new peeps. And things worked out. They continued their shameless exploiting and the new peeps never complained for they were smarter (or maybe just less rebelious). Then one day they snapped. At the same time.

But now, the company was in need of people to do the dirty work for them, for it was the dirty work that actually made the money to keep the company alive. And this bunch of exploited peeps were doing a good job. And somehow now, the company is relying on the exploited peeps because they're good and the company can't find any other peeps to exploit.

So the exploited peeps left. And the company was in jeopardy (not the gameshow). And this example illustrates why sometimes, the hand that feeds could be the one you are biting unknowingly.

Disclaimer: This story was fictionally created in the satirical cynical and sometimes sadistic mind of someone who pretty much thinks like that all the time. Any close references that may resemble ANY such company are purely coincidental and you will suffer seven years of bad nose hair days if you even THINK that I'm writing about YOUR company. And this is NOT a spam chain e-mail so don't spread this around. Not too much anyways...


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