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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Twisted Fate

It's ironic how one can comment on another's plight and suffer the same two days later. And no, I'm not talking bout a car accident, but a twisted ankle.

Said tragedy (tragedy; because those who know me know that I pretty much can't live with my regular dose of sports or any physical activity which includes jumping around like the monkey that I am. Literally) happened during a game of futsal on Tuesday. A shot deflected off my left foot thus causing hurt to my ligaments.

The ankle felt fine, probably due to the adrenalin rush. After my shower however, the ache started. By morning, my ankle was as good as gone. Lucky I drive an automatic (I knew there was a reason I bought an auto).

The whole incident however was a good reflection of my take on life as I know it now. Had I not taken on a different role (I usually play as the last man in the defensive line coz I suck anywhere else) in the game, I would not have been in a position to get hurt. But as things would have it, I decided to try out a new role as a midfielder and placed myself in a more vulnerable position.

It was on a whim. I just felt a surge of confidence saying 'Heck, let's just do this! What's the worst that could happen? They would just score a goal!" And so I did that and I felt that I played my new position rather well. It all boils down to confidence!

So many things are changing. And I relish the challenge.


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