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Friday, October 13, 2006


Today is my last day at the office. Come Monday, I will be embarking on an adventure in an industry totally new to me, doing something I've never done before. It is all rather daunting.

Today I was also stricken with a mild case of food poisoning. Actually it started yesterday evening, when just a little bit after dinner, I felt a slight discomfort. By the time I reached home, my dinner was ready to come out.

And so I hurled, and I curled, and I blew the chunks out! It was not a pretty sight.

But gastronimical mishaps aside, I somehow managed to crawl into office within the vicinity of 4pm (after a whole morning of intestinal disagreements) to pack up and leave. Ironic isn't it? To fall sick on your last day, and Friday the 13th as well.

So I bid my farewells and adieus, to my colleagues who became friends, to the late nights of aimless crunching, to the frustrations and the jubilations, to times shared. I will remember them always.


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