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Monday, June 12, 2006

Man on Fire

I watched 'Man on Fire' on Sunday. It was a good show, deserving the praise and whatever mentions the film got. I enjoyed it thoroughly. And like all good shows, the movie connected with me in some way.

I once had a discussion with some friends. We talked about how a director or an artist, tries to convey the message through the film. The artist reaches out to capture the emotions that he/she wanted to portray, but can never really achieve that moment in time where the feelings, emotions are forever embedded in his or her own mind. Therefore, what the artist can do, is to bring the audience as close as possible to the emotions and thoughts that he or she has in mind, and let the audience fill in the rest themselves.

That might be why any good movie will leave you feeling something at the end of it. It connects with you in a way you can't quite describe. And it is different for each individual.

And so 'Man on Fire' connected with me on that cool Sunday evening. It made me think of the way I used to carry myself, pretty much devoid of emotions, a machine. Life was easy then. I just did my job and went back home.

But things changed. I changed. And somewhere along the line, I found myself.

'Family' is no longer just a word.


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