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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Fruity Beer

Having a particularly boring day at work, I decided to do some blog reading. And thanks to some sinister twist of ironic fate, I somehow landed myself in a position to try out skittles with beer. This was about a week ago of course.

So with nothing better to do but laze around all night, I decided to put the challenge to the test. I went out to my local minimart, and got myself a small pack of skittles and a beer. And it began.

First, a sip of beer. And then two skittles. Nothing but skittles.

Then, two skittles and a sip of beer. Beer overpowers skittles.

Next, two skittles, chewed, fruity flavour exposed, and sip of beer. Fruity beer.

This is by far the best combination I got from eating a simultaneous dose of skittles with beer. Not that I enjoyed it or anything. I still think beer goes better with Twisties. I bought a pack and will guzzle it tonight. Or tomorrow. Skittles are best eaten on their own.

Conclusion: Skittles doens't go well with beer. Avoid if possible, but don't stop asking people to try it. Someone might actually do it.


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