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Monday, May 15, 2006

The accident that was...

Friday was Wesak day. It was also the day after the day I went out with a bunch of friends to club at Zouk until the wee hours of the morning. It was the morning where I stayed up blogging till 6 am. It was also the day I was awakened in my semi-stupor state in the afternoon to news that my siblings were involved in an accident. I hated that day.

And so it began, the numbing calm that follows such news when my mother called to inform me of the accident. Then came the questions. And there were answers. They were both fine. I was mildly surprised that I didn't panic, but then again, I'm not one to panic easily.

My sister then called up to inform me of their predicament. I took it all in, and proceeded to drag myself out of bed into the afternoon drizzle. Driving along the highway I called a friend to talk about things. I was clearly in a very very messed up state.

By the time I reached them, a tow-truck had gotten their car to a rest stop at the Rawang toll. I surveyed my siblings. Then I saw the wreck. I was too numb from too many things to feel much at the moment. But seeing them there in the flesh next to the heap of metal that used to be a car was enough to bring some people to tears. I didn't shed a tear.

The car was wrecked in front, and lost a tail light. The side was smashed. The whole thing looked surreal. It reminded me of a similar accident which a friend had a while back. Same type of car, same damage, same situation, same cause of accident.

The car had spun after hitting a puddle during a thunderstorm at about 70km/h. It hit the left rail, smashing the right tail light, and richocheted forward, hitting the other rail before bouncing off to the middle of the road. That's when the truck hit it.

It was a good thing the truck was slow. Otherwise, I rather not think about it.

Then my parents arrived and we managed to sort out the whole thing. The car was sent to a workshop in Sg.Buloh, and we got everyone back to Subang Jaya safely. We had a nice dinner later on and everyone was thankful that no one was hurt.

Everyone retired to bed rather happy and relieved that it was all over. I went over to my cousin's and had a beer. It made me slightly more jovial. Guess things turned out well after all. It was after all, Wesak Day.

Amitofo. May all beings be well and happy.


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