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Monday, June 05, 2006

Pride and stupidity

This post may very well be the result of a rare display of emotional turbulence that has been plaguing me for some time now. Gathered, I have tried to move on from being totally emotional and baseless, to more of an intellectual discussion on certain issues which may affect the general population as a whole instead of my selfish little hide.

Here goes...

I have often felt a certain distaste to the plain cold face of pride (I may have actually blogged about this before), but a recent display of such had me needing to put those issues to rest. Preferably on 00000s and 11111s, than a pen in between the eyes. And so it goes, the ugly face of pride and stupidity. The endless cycle of idiocy that permeates both qualities. So similar yet so different in their own impeccable ways.

A recent someone had drawn that line, and blurred it in a single time-stopping defining moment of the greatest display of imbecilicy (if there is such a word), combining the two dangerous elements into the worlds' (not first mind you, there are plenty of candidates in this area) real Weapon of Mass Destruction.

It was pride that took down nations and killed millions. It was pride that made able men hungry. It was pride that some refused the help they are given, and suffered for it. It was pride that made idiots out of seemingly wise men. And it made an idiot out of this one person who took pride over something worth much much more.

And I thought to myself, why so much pride? What does pride give in return? How much do we gain by putting up a front? By holding our head up high? Wouldn't it be better, wiser to be humble and accept certain misgivings on our part? Even if we have to sacrifice that little bit of pride. Wouldn't we benefit more in the long run? We would have learned so much more by being humble. We would have gained so much more, by keeping quite. We would have another chance to make things right.

So does that make one stupid to be giving up all of that, for the sake of proving to others that you will absolutely not that shitte from anyone? Even if you're wrong? And you know it!

I have my own pride. And I believe a little bit of pride is necessary. But if things ever go out of hand, please remind me. For I do not want to do the stupid thing, and let pride make my decisions for me.


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