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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Looking back...

I was looking through my archives today, (yes, I'm that free) reading my previous posts. Back from the time I started this blog, till well... I couldn't finish everything, so I did two years and then stopped before I got blind.

It was somewhat, immature (the writing of course), but somewhat more interesting than the dull mundane content I seem to write these days. Maybe interesting was not the right word, but definitely with more excitement and personality.

My life used to be so interesting, not because it is, but because I made it so. And as the years pass by, I got sucked into the repetitive repetitions of the corporate world (a bit of an exageration since I'm not in the corporate line ot begin with), and lost the need to make life interesting. In other words, I became boring. (Urgh)

This in itself was a big step to appreciating my life as it is, and a catalyst to make the most out of what I have now. To make it interesting. And the best part is, I'm beginning to write more like how I used to... with a slighlty more polished edge...

I like it.


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