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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The wonders of life...

No one should ever doubt the relieving effects of a good massage. Such was the case when I visited a massage parlour last Sunday. It was an interesting place, run by visually impaired individuals. Yes, the masseur/masseuse/s were blind.

But they were good. And their services aren't too expensive, RM 35 for an hour of full body massage. And if you're shy about exposing yourself, fear not, they won't see you. (no incriminating pun intended) Sad to say, I forgot to get their card, so I can't do a free advert here. But if anyone is interested to check them out, buzz me somehow and I'll try to get the address. But they're basically located in Taipan, USJ 10.

Twas a good way to spend a sunday afternoon. Followed by a teh tarik session with old friends in the evening.

And it has been at least twice this week that someone has complimented a design I did on a t-shirt. I am contented.


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