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Monday, June 19, 2006

The Hamster Theory

Hamsters apparently have an attention span of three seconds. I tried to confirm this apparent fact, but could not do so from an accomplished source. Therefore, it has to be assumed that hamsters have the attention span of three seconds.

Imagine having the attention span of three seconds. Actually, it's not that hard to imagine with the sort of people I hang out with. Forget what I typed earlier.

Anyway, imagine having the attetion span of three seconds. One moment you'll be like 'Hey, what's that? It's round and brown. I shall call it a nut. Yum...' Then turn around and wonder, 'Hmm... what was I doing again? Hey look, it's that nut thing again. Yum...' You get the picture. Besides, not all nuts are round and brown.


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