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Sunday, January 04, 2004

A long needed vacation... by Kalamari the Stressed

The day was wednesday, the night before I was due to fly off to Indonesia for a much awaited and much needed vacation. I had managed to clear away most, if not all of my work on a very important project and had left the rest for the kids to clear up.

Leaving the office about 9.00pm, I was due back home to compile a last minute CD presentation for a freelance job I unwillingly but somehow oblidgingly took. Turns out, the client whom I was supposed to meet had called along his boss, which was my uncle in any case (now you see the connection).

So there I was, stressed out and burned out from endless nights of slogging in the early hours of the mornings and my packing not yet done, and I had to practically 'redo' the whole presentation which my uncle's staff (the client) had hurriedly done... and not a good one to begin with...

They wanted a video, so I had to edit it one way at first, but then they changed their mind, and I had to edit it another way. And thanks to the obsulete technology which I'm working with at home, it takes a whole lot more time to finish editting.

Finally, all was done and by almost midnight, I was ready to start packing when I realised the most important thing I needed was at my aunt's place... my passport!!!

Lucky for me, my aunt decided to visit and brought the passort along with her... so I saved a trip and started packing, (still in my officewear) at around 1.00am. By 3.00am, I was done and freshened up. So, onwards to the mamak for some food... first real meal of the previous day.

Came back at 4 plus, and was too anxious to sleep. So I went online and surfed to see how my team was doing. Half an hour later, I went to bed.

Woke up at 5.30am, thanks to a wake up call by Kotak, and I struggled to pry my eyes open wide enough for me to slip in my contacts. My dog was surprised by my early morning presence but nonetheless he could sense that something was brewing and was excited.

By 6.15 am, I had all my bags in the car and my dog seated up front, and was on my way over to Kotak's place. I arrived at 6.30 am, and after desperately tying up my dog to prevent further mischief (which he ended up doing nonetheless... more on this later), and a hurried goodbye, I was off to the airport, courtesy of Kotak's dad.

At KLIA, I checked in my bag, and boarded the plane by 9.00am. Five minutes later, I was awokened by two ladies in the opposite aisle who wanted to borrow the paper I was holding. Ten minutes later, I was awokened by the video on flight safety. Another ten minutes later, I was awokened by the stewardess handing out 'fresh' orange juice that had been in storage months ago. 20 minutes later, I awoke to find a tray of airline food in front of me. Half an hour later, I woke up to see a few snipets of 'Just for laughs'. 20 minutes later, I woke up to see five minutes of some weird magic show which repeated itself on the return flight along with the repeated version of 'Just for laughs'. After a total of 3 hours, I woke up to see (I had a window seat) the plane landing in Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia.

I had finally arrived...


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