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Sunday, July 04, 2010

Multipurpose lives...

It has been slightly more than 4 months since my last post. And the one before that was a year and two months ago. It really seems like I haven't been very active here. But like all things, change happens.

And it was change that brought me back to this humble little web space which has been the bearer of my thought processes since 2001. Yes, it has been 9 years.

Writing styles change, topics change, and the purpose change.

Multipurpose man is still around. He is even more real than when he was first born. Now multipurpose man literally takes on five jobs, and that's not counting volunteer work and other miscellaneous activities.

With such diversity in life, it's no wonder I'm busier than ever, yet my life seems more productive. Everyday something productive is being done, even on the most relaxing of days. I'm happy making progress on a daily basis. Everyday is a learning experience.

I have no time, or rather choose not to make time for activities that take up precious resources. All this is to make time for things and people that matter more. Priorities.

Priorities that add to my purpose. My multipurpose life.


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