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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Good Morning

It is now my first official day at my new job, having just left my previous job last week. And I must say, the change in environment is truly amazing.

Suddenly, a whole new world has opened up to me, and the oppotunities are boundless. I do not force myself awake, but rather hop out on my own. Of course, not having 'fixed' working hours helps a lot.

I no longer work 'under' someone, and I have more flexibility in my working hours and my office wear. I can take lunch anytime I want, and for how long I want. Afternoon power naps are no longer a sin to take.

I can work on as many 'external' projects as I want to without having anyone frown at my lack of commitment towards my 'day' job. I have an undisputed amount of leave days to draw upon, and I don't have to explain to anyone where I'm going or when I'll be back. I don't have to write daily reports or attend staff meetings anymore.

I am now my own boss. And I'm loving it!


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