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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Advocating Change

“Change is inevitable.”

“The only truth is change.”

“The only thing that does not change is change itself.”

Again and again we have heard these proclamations of change. But how much of these words do we comprehend? Have we ever asked ourselves questions regarding the sayings? What really is change?

Change is pretty much the transformation of matter to liquid or gas or the hesitancy at which one’s boss makes a decision. That is how most of us perceive change.

But change at a deeper level invokes a thought that transcends into one’s personality, one’s spirituality, and one’s emotions. To change a personality is something much harder to do than make a decision regarding the buying of a company on the verge of bankruptcy. Ever had someone tell you to get an attitude over-haul? Not that easy to do now, is it?

So why are we talking about change? Because society is changing. It constantly is. The younger generation is changing. Not quite actually, they are just thinking differently from the way we think. The way we’ve been brought up. And with upbringing, we developed a mostly fixed perception of how things ‘ought’ to be by our standards, and not how it ‘really’ is.

And by that, we fail to embrace the change. And we condemn it, for we do not understand it. For we are ignorant of it, we deny it and we fear it. And from our fear, we hate. Growing resentment towards the changes that we see. All because we do not take the time to understand it. Because we’ve been too fixed on our own ideology.

By not embracing change, we grow apart from those who do. We cannot live alongside those who live a different lifestyle, do certain things, behave differently from what we are made to be comfortable with. We do not evolve.

So what can we do with change? We accept it. For what else can we do to change ‘change’? It is change which propels us forwards. We can choose to ignore it, stay in our comfort zone, but eventually everyone would have moved on. And we’ll be alone. Alone in our own little world, ignorant of what’s going on.

Maybe we’ll be happier that way. But we won’t grow. We won’t know our full potential if we always hold on to the walking stick. We’ll never learn to ride that bike if we kept the training wheels on. We’ll never learn how to surf the internet if we dare not try to turn on the computer. Sometimes, we have to get burned to know that we shouldn’t mess around with the frying pan.

We may not always like the changes that are happening. But we cannot stop it. So why be unhappy about a change you can’t stop? Accept it and move on. Make your own changes to accommodate this change. And maybe, just maybe, you’ll live a better quality of life.

Because now, you’ve started living along-side change.


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