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Monday, July 30, 2007

Finding solace in being solitary

Sometimes life drops an anvil on your foot and puts you out for two weeks because you have a broken foot (from the anvil remember?). Most times, life is less dramatic, settling for subtle approaches such as that little niggly fever that comes at the most appropriate of times.

Maybe it's life's way of telling you to slow down, to take a breather. To stop and smell the roses. Or to just stop. Period.

And when you lie in bed on that solitary rainy morning, everyone else is busy waking up and fighting the insanely congested traffic (because for some inexplicable reason, people become damp when the weather is damp) just to get to work on time because that insanely anal boss of theirs (who somehow always manages to avoid the traffic and boast in their own bossy manner that 'if I can do it, why can't you?') will be chewing their heads off for being late.

And you think to yourself. Sometimes being sick ain't that bad after all. I'm here, cozy and dry in my bed, sleeping in on a Monday morning with a slight headache no doubt and a temperature that can boil eggs, but I'm not out there tearing what's left of my hair (and I still have plenty, thank you) being stuck with equally frustrated people wondering what the heck they are doing out on a cozy unproductive Monday morning in the rain. Before they eventually realise that if they don't get to work on time, their heads will be chewed.

So you bask in your solitary world, removed from the hustle and bustle of life. And you appreciate the tiny little fragments of it that makes it all complete. Like the breath that you take. The way the ceiling fan turns. The taste (or rather, tastelessness) of water (tho in this country, that is to be subjected to further discussion). The softness of your blanket as you wrap it around you. The little things that make life worthwhile.

And you get up the next day, feeling quite a bit healthier, and more appreciative of the things we take for granted. As you walk out into the sunshine, you stop complaining about the heat, and be thankful for the warmth it brings. The soft sounds of birds chirping. Noticing them for the first time. The distant sounds of traffic as it builds up with impatient and frustrated people.

You smile.

And then your boss calls...


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